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StrongBone is a traditional formula which supports the uptake of Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium in your horses diet and ensures that bones are as strong as nature intended. Use StrongBone for all joint problems and good cartilage condition. It can be used 1. To prevent future problems or 2. To help in the management of difficult hocks and other joints 3. In young stock for the best growth 4. For milk production in mares and for expulsion of placenta. It can be used in horses with conformation problems or just in those that exercise on hard ground or jump a lot. There is no need to use limestone with this supplement. Calcium in limestone is poorly absorbed by horses. All horses can do with one scoop a day in feed even if they have no obvious problems or difficulties. This will help the whole bone framework. For all other minerals and vitamins use GlobalVite – contains chelated (protein bound) minerals.

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