Partridge Guard



The Partridge Guard is a new and unique product that will save you money!

This product is designed for use with king feeders and manola feeders, for the protection of feed pellets from pheasants and other birds but at the same time allowing partridges into the feeder via the ‘pop’ holes within the plastic guard. This guard will save you money as the design prevents most pheasants from entering the feed area of the feeder stopping these birds from eating expensive pellets when they should be eating less expensive wheat.

The partridge guard can potentially save you up to £1.90 per day over each 200 pheasants present and has a potential pay back of just 13 days!

This product has been designed in the field and has seen great results in money saving, whilst the product is robust and has a strong build, the guard can easily be assembled, disassembled and stored, saving the gamekeeper valuable time. The net design fits over the tube and feeder stopping unwanted birds and animals such as deer from entering above whilst the net sits under the feeder lid which still allows easy access for the gamekeeper when filling the feeder and can easily be moved to ‘fresh’ ground in one move.

The partridge guard is a must product for any partridge and pheasant shoot where two birds are fed on different feeds as well as when a second batch of poult’s are released into an already stocked pen that are older and feeding on wheat whilst the second batch of poult’s are still on pellets.

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